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seralphia ([personal profile] seralphia) wrote2011-12-26 06:58 pm

Art project

I haven't done anything art-related in quite some time, if you discount near endless doodling on any scrap of paper in close vicinity to me.
And that's more due to "idle hands" then the genuine wish to create anything of value.

And now, I've decided out of the blue that hey, let's do a major project that will very likely require weeks of work and most certainly more skill and patience then I actually possess.

Go, Me!

My current shot at megalomania is a painting project on a wooden box once upon a blue moon purchased at IKEA to store my pens, colors and assorted art stuffs in. The goal is to use acrylic to paint motives from The Last Unicorn, AKA one of the bestest books/movies ever, onto it.

So far I painted a foundation of white onto the box to avoid having the lines of the wood shine through the finished painting and a penciled outline of the unicorn standing on a meadow in "her" woods on the front part.

For the sides I plan "group portraits with villains". One side should feature the unicorn and Mommy Fortuna, the Harpy and the Midnight Carnival. On the other it would be the unicorn, Haggard, the Red Bull, the skeleton and the castle. For the top then the unicorn (in both forms) and her allies: Schmendrick, Molly Grue,and Liir.

Tomorrow I'll have to go and get some more acrylic, since I almost exhausted my tube of white, some more small paint brushes as well as some turpentine.

Pictures will follow as soon a I find my damn connection cable for my camera.

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